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Actuarial Consulting
Corporate and High Net Worth Individual Market
LPD explains the inner details of insurance policies in the corporate market and high net worth individual market so that a corporation (or high net worth individual) can make an informed decision as to whether life insurance is a better funding vehicle to provide non qualified benefits to the key employees (or desired vehicle for tax deferred accumulation).

Life Settlement Market
LPD assists investors in the Life Settlement Market as well as the Premium Financing Market in making decisions while maintaining their financial integrity. LPD offers assistance with respect to pricing, portfolio valuation, selection criteria to optimize profits and understanding of potential risks.

LPD has developed a user friendly spreadsheet that calculates life expectancy with all possible confidence limits with all acceptable standard mortality tables as well as its own assumptions. In addition, this spreadsheet can price a life settlement policy based on the most recent table rating and the mortality curve provided by the Life Expectancy provider.
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